The Center for Development with Dignity is home to numerous programs that enhance and expand educational opportunities for children, youth and adults.

These programs include:

      • Homework help and tutoring
      • Math and reading classes for students
      • English classes for elementary students (K-6) at our partner school, Colegio Buena Esperanza (Good Hope School)
      • Economic empowerment and job skills training for women
      • A public library
      • Free access to computers and the Internet 
We also offer a wide range of cultural and recreational workshops, which include:
      • Music (guitar and violin)
      • Photography
      • Dance
      • Theater
      • Painting
      • Soccer 

Building Dignity enables community members to become vehicles of social change through two innovative leadership programs:

  • VOICES OF YOUTH. This program reaches out to young people, helps them cultivate leadership skills, and provides a forum for them to address the problems that marginalize their community. Workshops focus on human rights, self-esteem, teamwork and leadership. Young people learn skills such as budgeting, planning and goal setting and then activate this knowledge by designing and implementing community service and local development projects.
  • DISCOVER LEADERSHIP. This program improves leadership skills among adult community members. Participants work together to identify the root causes of poverty and learn skills such as community organizing, networking, budgeting, goal setting, private sector fundraising and communication with local government. This training enables aspiring community leaders to play an active role in community development and successfully implement projects that improve quality of life. 

Building Dignity catalyzes community development and social change through targeted support for local youth and adult leaders.

We provide Leadership Academy participants with financial support and technical assistance to implement citizen-led development initiatives. Sample past projects include:

      • Creation of a public playground
      • Installation of a roof on a preschool
      • Creation of a community kitchen for families copping with food scarcity
      • Installation of paved roads
Read more about our programs and their impact in our Newsletters and Annual Reports