Building Dignity could not do its work without the endless support of people outside our own organization. If you are looking for meaningful volunteer work, consider joining our team either virtually or at the center in Lima (2022 + beyond)! We rely on a team of energetic, motivated volunteers to keep our work thriving.

The Experience

We welcome short-term and long-term volunteers, as individuals or in groups! The only requirement is that Building Dignity seeks volunteers with basic Spanish (DELE Nivel A1) or higher — so that those who come to help are equipped to engage with the community with which we work. Volunteering opportunities are varied and depend both on the needs of the center and the desires of the volunteer. We have had past volunteers help with academic enrichment, facilitate workshops, and take key roles in development initiatives within the community. We are also always looking for help with newsletters and social media! Volunteers are encouraged to take an active role in developing their own projects and planning their time here, so that individuals can make the most use of their own unique skill sets and interests.

Volunteers have the option to live a few blocks away from the center, on the third floor of the home of our wonderful program coordinator, Ana María Mejía Huisa. By opting to live in Villa El Salvador, volunteers can experience life in the community in an intimate, hands-on way. All the while, volunteers can improve their Spanish, contribute to a valuable cause, and get to know the city of Lima!

Lima a little too far? We always appreciate having people willing to contribute their skills — from wherever they might be! Contact us to see how you can get involved with communications, graphic design, fundraising, program development, and more.

Reach out to Jonah Watt at jonah@buildingdignity.org to ask questions or express interest!