July 2015: Catching Up With Voices of Youth

posted Mar 28, 2016, 3:56 PM by Henrik Mitsch
Vocation Retreat 
In April, we hosted our 2nd annual vocation retreat with 21 young leaders, ages 15 years and older. 48% of participants joined us on the retreat for the second time! This year, we focused specifically on opportunities for higher education. 

We learned about...
  • Available scholarships
  • Different institutions of higher education in Lima
  • Steps towards admissions
  • Various types of careers
Our volunteer, David, helped us learn more about the medical field & even taught us how to do CPR!

 Leadership Retreat 
In May, we held our 3rd annual leadership retreat with a special focus on self-esteem and teamwork! This retreat joined together 39 young leaders from our Voices of Youth program in the communities of Oasis and La Encantada, with 46% of them returning from last year.


Self esteem & team building activities...
  • We created silhouettes and filled them with positive things about each other 
  • We made origami cranes with our own inspirational messages written on them!
In their own words...

"My favorite part about the vocational retreat was the games we played about different vocations. They were a fun way to learn about the unique opportunities & paths we can take. "

"I enjoyed the leadership retreat  because it gave me the opportunity to experience something new. The activities were  fun, and I got to become closer with my peers."