August 2017: Winter Newsletter

posted Oct 1, 2017, 2:01 PM by Henrik Mitsch

Winter Update

Exploring new places and welcoming friendly faces

While it is summer for most of our followers up in the northern hemisphere, Villa El Salvador is in the middle of a bustling winter. We just finished up the first school cycle of the year, and Peruvians are now preparing for their Independence Day celebrations on July 28th. Here is a look at what we have been up to for the past few months.

Voices of Youth Goes Camping

 Twenty-five Voices of Youth participants from the communities of La Encantada and Oasis joined together on a trip to Chosica. They spent two days in the countryside, learning and bonding through games and activities focused on the themes of non-violent communication, conflict resolution, and emotional well-being. It was great to see participants from both communities get to know each other better over this trip.
Program Director, Eve Woldemikael, leads a discussion about emotional well-being

Ambassadors Travel to San Ramón

Visiting the community of Belén to check on the reforestation project
  At the end of June, nine of our impressive young Ambassadors traveled to the jungle. They met up with Fondo Verde, an organization that works to reforest the surrounding communities and educate the public about sustainable living. Our team was able to learn from, and assist them throughout, their daily activities. Inspired by what they experienced, our Ambassadors designed workshops and projects to bring what they learned about the environment back to their community in Villa El Salvador.

Building Dignity Welcomes Joscelyn

 Our new Program Director, Joscelyn García, is a Chicagoland native who recently graduated from Tufts University, in the Boston area, with a degree in International Relations. A Fulbright Scholar, she has spent the past year in Taiwan teaching English, and has international experience in Nicaragua and Ecuador as well. As a first generation college graduate, Joscelyn is a strong believer in the power of education and an advocate for dialogue and collaboration as vessels for positive change. We are so excited to welcome Joscelyn to our community!
Co-founder, Paul Dosh, and Program Director, Joscelyn García

Music Participants Visit the Symphony

Our group loved the National Theater and the view from these seats!
 Building Dignity has three music programs teaching guitar, violin, drums, keyboard, and dance. In July, twenty students from these workshops, along with their parents, visited the Grand National Theater in Lima to see the National Symphony Orchestra's winter concert. Our participants enjoyed a night of music, including Mozart's gorgeous flute concerto and Prokofiev's exciting Alexander Nevsky.

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