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A Night of Celebration at the Center for Development with Dignity

posted May 21, 2012, 12:44 PM by Andrew Mueller   [ updated Jan 27, 2013, 8:50 AM by Henrik Mitsch ]
Every May 11th, Villa el Salvador celebrates its founding as a squatter community and eventually an official district of Lima. Villa el Salvador originated as a group of displaced families from the rural provinces of Peru attempted to invade a plot of private land in southern Lima in April of 1971 and then were relocated to the current site on May 11th, 1971 by the populist dictator Juan Velasco Alverado. 

Below is a short video that explains the general history of Villa el Salvador up until it's 30th anniversary in 2001 (unfortunately there aren't any English subtitles but some of the images are striking). 

Historia de Villa el Salvador

Here is the original music video of Villa el Salvador's anthemic song which is about the improbable origins of a city built on nothing but sand but with the spirit of social justice, direct action, and self government.

Canción a Villa el Salvador

Here at the Center for Development with Dignity, we had our very own celebration of Villa's anniversary (which also coincides with the anniversary of La Encantada's founding as a new barrio in 1996). It consisted of puppet shows, music, and some small theatre compositions that were presented by youth who participated in our youth leadership program, "Voces de la Juventud". It was an exciting night with lots of stories and sharing of experiences. 

Below are some pictures so you can share in the celebration.

Títeres (Puppets) telling us a story

Graduates of the Voces de la Juventud leadership workshops showing off their certificates

Neighborhood leader, Edita, recounts the initial founding of La Encantada

Music was shared by visiting volunteer Megan Hadley and Program Director, Andrew Mueller