September 24: Emily and Paul incorporate Building Dignity as a Minnesota-based non-profit organization.

December 18: Jesús, Martha, Emily, and Paul publicly present the plans for the Center for Development with Dignity to a group of 40 community leaders in Villa El Salvador. Some leaders represented neighborhoods; other leaders represented special interests (education, children's rights, women's issues, needs of those with disabilities).  We used this event to formally introduce the Center for Development with Dignity, present our philosophy, and unveil our plans.


March 1: Our benefit concert at Macalester College brings in major funds to pay for construction.

March 23: Groundbreaking and the start of construction of the Center for Development with Dignity.

August 8-14: Inauguration of the Center for Development with Dignity, including a week of programming and community activities.


January-March: Building Dignity hosts its first international volunteers. Laura Spencer of Seattle, Washington, assists with our annual Chocolatadas and teaches a dance class to La Encantada's youth. Amanda Dixon of Chicago, Illinois, teaches intermediate English and an arts-and-crafts workshop.

February 8: Official launch of the www.buildingdignity.org website, created by Henrik Mitsch in Austria. 

July 29-August 27: Building Dignity launches the pilot of "Voces de la Juventud" (Voices of the Youth), a series of workshops for adolescent girls that combine art projects with discussions of women's rights and leadership.

August 21: Students from Peru's Catholic University conduct the La Encantada Community Needs and Community Solutions survey, which was designed by students at the University of Oxford.

September 28: Kayla Richards of Rapid City, South Dakota, arrives in Peru to work as our first Program Coordinator.

December: Our 10th annual Chocolatadas saw a shift in focus, as we installed permanent playground equipment, rather than distributing individual toys to children.

December 28: Inauguration of the Dignity Library.


January: Building Dignity hosts its largest group of international volunteers and partners with the SoulsideOut Collective to launch the Center for Development with Dignity's first round of summer vacation programming for children and youth. Programming includes English classes, dance classes, a soccer league, youth journalism and communication, mural painting, gardening, and leadership workshops.

April: The Center for Development with Dignity completes the pilot of the Leadership School for Young Women, re-launching it as a three-level program for Villa El Salvador's adolescent girls.


April: Building Dignity partners with a local school (Colegio Buena Esperanza or "Good Hope") to provide volunteer English teachers who work with children from kindergarten to sixth grade. You can visit Buena Esperanza's website at www.labuenaesperanza.org.

May: Building Dignity receives Blessing Fund grant from People's Congregation Church, in Bayport, Minnesota, in support of proposal titled "Voices of Youth: Cultivating Youth Leadership Among Peru's Marginalized Leadership."

July: Julia Smith joins the staff at the Center for Development with Dignity as our first Princeton in Latin America (PiLA) fellow. PiLA and Building Dignity have formed a multi-year partnership to support bringing talented new staff to the CEDED team in Peru.